What You Missed at DeFi Raccoons AMA

What You Missed at DeFi Raccoons AMA
What You Missed at DeFi Raccoons AMA

Our team has been doing so many collaborations lately that we’re absolutely bursting with excitement. There are so many new amazing people joining the crypto space! We could not have imagined such a buzz back when we started in the industry.

Yesterday, our CEO Vladimir Tomko together with the Cutieneer community’s heart and soul — Tehn, joined an AMA on DeFi Raccoons Telegram group.

It was great fun, and there were a lot of insightful questions.

So in today’s post, we will share, few of our favorite ones coupled with answers our team members gave.

How will you create value for $BCUG investors and increase the demand for it? Would there be a greater utility for $BCUG within and beyond the game, like NFT farming?

Vladimir: $BCUG’s utility will grow together with the game. We will integrate it in all future mechanics whatever they might be.

Besides the distant future things, here are the soon-to-come mechanics that are going to increase the demand for $BCUG:

  1. It will be used as a payment tool for the majority of existing in-game transactions. Which are many. So people will be able to trade with $BCUG inside the game. Some assets and services will have discounts if you buy them using $BCUG comparing to ETH/TRX/MATIC/GAS/EOS, etc.
  2. Players will be able to farm $BCUG by performing meaningful actions within the game (like trading, asset burning, getting rare achievements, Magic Dust burning, etc.)
  3. BCUG will be stakable to mine derivative tokens $HERO and $PPOW. The first will be used to participate in raffle-farming of the game’s most rare content, while the second one will be used in Governance meta and in Wars of Cutieland update.
  4. BCUG will be essential in governance in all of the phases, but its demand will grow starting from Phase 2 (the Senate) when we’ll introduce NFT based governance. As people who want to have more political power will need to stake more BCUG.

People in crypto are used to seeing NFTs as beautiful pictures or gifs. Will your NFTs look similar, or will they have some different form?

Tehn: As the NFT space is heating up, a lot of projects are dropping “the next hot thing” on the market, but they all lack ANY utility. Meanwhile, our project has been providing more and more utility to the NFTs our players own.

At first, it was simple looks, then we introduced adventure systems, that gave potions and experience for the NFT’s within the game itself. Then added items and stats to broaden the utility of the tokens within the game.

We continue to add more value as time goes on with new mechanics and other game updates.

Only a few projects that work with NFTs actually looked into the utility case, and even fewer are still here due to the complex nature of the development of such things. A lot of the projects that popped up recently utilize only the “art” factor, while completely ignoring utility and gamification of any kind.

Art is great, it helps promote the NFT space, but people miss out on a lot of solid projects that have been out there for a few years.

We, as a project, came a long way from a basic NFT collectible game to a fully-fledged RPG/strategy hybrid with actual monetary weight in the real world. Not to toot our horns here, but it is quite a unique blend of components from gaming, finance, and bleeding-edge tech in a sense, that will most definitely change gaming into something much more than it is right now.

Just think of this. If gaming is HUGE now, how big will it be when saying “you can make money playing video games” is not subject to discussion anymore.

When Wars of Cutieland is fully up and running, do you plan to close down the version we are all currently playing, or will these two co-exist?

Tehn: Wars of Cutieland (WOC) and Blockchain Cutie Universe (BCU) will co-exist. The current version of the gameplay will work together with WOC expansion. The gear, crafting materials, and a lot more key elements will be farmed in BCU.

Additionally, the Cuties themselves will be plucked out of the current gameplay (by players’ choice of course) and moved to serve in the army in the WOC expansion. So there will be a choice — adventurer of BCU or a warrior of WOC.

Check out the full discussion here.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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