What’s in Season IV Secret Lootboxes?

What's in Season IV Secret Lootboxes?
What's in Season IV Secret Lootboxes?

Last week, we opened four of the most common lootboxes and showed you what you can get inside.

Today we will show you the remaining four boxes that you will find in the season.

These boxes are rare, and the prizes inside are super exciting.

Golden Boss Chest

To get this chest, you have to get lucky twice. First time by capturing a Boss Chest from the Warlord raid. 

And the second time by getting the golden chest out of the regular one. Getting a chest is hard, but rolling against the 6% probability is even harder.

Inside the golden chest, you can find a fabulous gear set. It’s everything that the Warlord has, but shinier.

This set will fit a Cutie who wants to wage war in the most opulent gear possible.

Each item of the set has an equal probability to appear in the lootbox:

  • Warlord’s golden weapon — 20%
  • Warlord’s golden grenade launcher — 20%
  • Warlord’s golden armor — 20%
  • Warlord’s golden bracers — 20%
  • Warlord’s golden helmet — 20%

Epic boss chest

Warlord will not be the only boss in Season IV. Another even more menacing threat is coming.

This monstrous creature will be guarding a chest of his own.

This chest will contain the most dystopian set ever!

It will also have a boss token that will add Cutieland’s first ork to your collection. And of course the golden chest!

Here are the insides in detail:

  • Boss Token — 3%
  • Boss Golden Chest — 6%
  • Boss Weapon — 7%
  • Boss Accessory — 10%
  • Boss Armor — 14%
  • Boss Bracers — 20%
  • Boss Hat — 41%

Golden boss chest

The Golden Boss Chest will contain the premium version of the epic boss’s gear.

Each piece will have an equal probability to appear in the lootbox:

  • Premium Boss Weapon — 20%
  • Premium Boss Accessory — 20%
  • Premium Boss Armor — 20%
  • Premium Boss Bracers — 20%
  • Premium Boss Hat — 20%

Unique Chest

Unique chests are super rare. You can get one only on the premium path of the season.

It contains the rarest crafting ingredients of the season.

By opening this chest you can get:

  • 1 piece of Adamant — 4%
  • 2 pieces of Mead of Poetry — 7%
  • 2 pieces of Aether — 7%
  • 5 pieces of Philosopher’s Stone — 14%
  • 5 pieces of Celestial Bronze — 14%
  • 10 pieces of Mercury — 53%

We hope you will get to open them all.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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