What’s Next In $BCUG Usability Development?

What's Next In $BCUG Usability Development?
What's Next In $BCUG Usability Development?

All this time, our team has been carefully developing and calculating the best value-generating usability features for $BCUG token.

It has been a long journey, and this summer, we are super proud to be rolling out all these features one by one.

Stage one: In-game Perks

The very first stage was the launch of $BCUG-exclusive NFTs.

These limited-edition collectibles are available for $BCUG only and can be claimed on any of the game’s blockchains.

Stage Two: Stacking

The team is working hard to create an efficient, engaging, and value-creating stacking strategy for $BCUG.

Liquidity farming for $BCUG will include:


200 000 BCUG will be allocated for rewards.

The system will distribute rewards using a linear drip mechanism in proportion to the liquidity pools.

About 274 $BCUG will go to liquidity farmers every day.

$BCUG liquidity farmers will also receive additional rewards that we will reveal a bit later.

Stage Three: In-game farming

$BCUG will soon be available for in-game farming, just like CUTE and Paw coins!

During the first year, 1 212 $BCUG will be up for grabs every week.

You will be able to farm $BCUG by:

  • Trading on Cutie market
  • Trading on items market
  • Crafting
  • Recycling
  • Unlocking specific in-game achievements

When calculating in-game farming rewards, we will take the player’s profile and transaction history into account.

The farming system will make sure there are no monopolies, and everyone has an opportunity to benefit from their in-game activities.

We hope you are excited for what’s coming for $BCUG!

Stay tuned for the sneak peeks, launch, and more.

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