Where To Find Crafting Ingredients?

Where To Find Crafting Ingredients?
Where To Find Crafting Ingredients?

Foraging for crafting ingredients has recently become one of the crucial activities in BCU season events.

Before season V, things were easier. There was only one adventure to choose from. Now, there are six, and each has a different reward chart.

In this post, we will try to help you define the best strategy for your crafting needs.

Season Ingredients

You will need season ingredients to create unique season items that will help your Cuties win in event’s adventures and raids. But when the season ends, the only way you could use these ingredients would be — recycling them into dust.

The best adventures to get season ingredients are:

  • Cold Ore — Yggsvar Lake
  • Ice Crystals — Yggsvar Lake
  • Obsidian Glass — Lake Fleila
  • Shiny Pearls — Glacier Foot
  • Dragon Scales — Isvindur
  • Demon Blood — Aelas Gorge and Mount Sundarl

Some of the adventures above require a key to enter. The cost of this key is usually a combo of ingredients listed above.

So each time you go to Yggsvar Lake, Lake Fleila, Glacier Foot, Isvindur, or Mount Sundarl, you need to do the cost/benefit analysis against what you have in your inventory.

Valentine’s ingredients

Luckily, getting Rose and Blue Hearts is a no-brainer. Send your Cuties to Land of Upendo adventure, and complete a few breeding quests to get your share.

Basic Ingredients

Unlike season ingredients, basic ones remain useful even after the season ends.

Gathering them around six season adventures is tricky. Every reward table has different quantities and probabilities.

The highest probability that your Cutie will return with a handful of basic resources is in Aelas Gorge and Glacier Foot adventures.

The largest quantities of basic resources are available in Mount Sundarl adventure.

In almost every case, there is a trade-off between quantity and probability.

We hope this helps you with your crafting projects.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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