Where To Send My Cutie: Cutieland’s Travel Guide

Where To Send My Cutie: Cutieland's Travel Guide
Where To Send My Cutie: Cutieland's Travel Guide

Cutieland seems sunny and welcoming at first glance. Everyone can get a pet and start their journey through this colorful world.

But once you settle in and take a good look around, you realize that not all places in Cutieland are peaceful and easy.

Some areas are so competitive that even the game’s veterans find them to be a challenge.

In this post, we will discuss some of the least and most competitive areas in the game.

Cutieland’s Safe Havens

If your Cutie is inexperienced, lightly dressed, and has regular innate stats, Windy Hills is a great place to start.

In Windy Hills adventure, your little adventurer will meet only a few local bots. Those bots are not very strong, and your Cutie has a great chance of scoring its first victory.

After your Cutie has moved to level two, it’s time to choose a new adventure.

The Magical Forest has much less competition than the Snowy Mountain, so if you’re looking for less struggle, it’s a safer bet.

The last spot where the competition is still more or less beginner-friendly is the Desert. Beyond it, the struggle becomes more and more intense with every step.

Another safe haven appears only far beyond beginner levels. Wasteland, Yakuza District, and Dragon Lair have very few visitors these days. So if your Cutie manages to get to a senior level, these three destinations are perfect for retirement.

Cutieland’s Hot Spots

If, on the other hand, your Cutie is fit for a challenge, there are some places you can send it to get a real fight.

Tournaments are insanely competitive. There is a battle for every experience level, but none of them are easy. Your little champion will need to be well prepared to get an upper hand.


Another hot spot in the game is any of the boss raids. It isn’t easy to beat the boss, and even if your Cutie does, you still need to compete with other Cutieneers. Only the greatest damage dealers get the best rewards.


Meanwhile, in adventures, the places of the most challenge and competition are:

  • Tavern of Heroes
  • City Ghetto
  • Gates of Babylon

Those are the most competitive and dangerous locations in the entire land.

We hope this travel guide will help you better navigate in Cutieland.

Good luck on your journey!

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