Who Woke Up Victor von Stradovich?

Why Victor von Stradovich attacks Cutieland?
Why Victor von Stradovich attacks Cutieland?

Ever since the beginning of the era of warring states, the city of Burhmere was flourishing.

Cuties from all over the continent came to battle on Burhmere’s arena. All kinds of traders and dealmakers filled the city and its region.

Burhmere is a beautiful place located on the Erenei river among the ancient forests that span for hundreds of miles.

These forests hide a lot of secrets, and anomalies are a common occurrence in the dark of the woods. Some things go missing, and some things inexplicably appear.

Just a few years ago, on the eve of Samhain, Morrigan tried to use one of the anomalies to open the gateway for the evil spirits to enter Cutieland. Luckily Cuties managed to stop the invasion.

This year, at the time of Samhain, another strange thing happened in the forests. A bright flash of pink light illuminated the shadowy swamps. It signified the arrival of five giant green-skinned creatures that Cutieland has never seen.

The creatures look confused as if they arrived at the wrong destination. They tried to get back the way they came but to no avail. The uninvited guests were stranded in the swamps.

The party started exploring the forest but quickly realized that they were going in circles. Their leader Gruzkul was enraged and growled each time he understood they walked another lap and ended up in the same place. After the fourth lap, Gruzkul lost it and started crushing everything in his way. And it helped. After breaking a few trees and throwing them on the ground, he spotted a building in the distance. It was an old castle on the hill. The greenskins went towards it.

The castle seemed old and abandoned. Greenskins broke down the gates and entered the castle’s inner yard. They started looking for supplies or inhabitants but found nothing. Enraged, Gruzkul started crushing everything he saw. He broke down furniture, windows and even tried to bring down the walls.

As the walls came crashing down, one of the castle’s secret doors cracked and revealed a hidden underground passage. A mysterious fog, similar to the one in the forest, started escaping from the crack and filling the room.

Meanwhile, Gruzkul had his share of destruction and went away to search for his companions.

In the meantime, a secret mechanism started to move the cogs somewhere in the castle’s depths. As the passage became unsealed, far beneath the castle grounds, a sarcophagus opened and old count Victor von Stradovich awoke from his slumber.

Victor von Stradovich was an old undead Cutie who ruled these lands six centuries ago. After hundreds of years of slumber, Victor was starving for blood. He felt the living creatures in his vicinity and rushed towards them.

With lightning speed, Victor overcame four of Gruzkul’s companions and feasted on their blood. Greenskins tried to fight back, but the count was too fast and too strong for them.

As he devoured his victims, he heard a huge creature approaching. It was Gruzkul boiling with rage and ready for battle.

Victor rushed to attack Gruzkul with great speed, but the greenskin threw him off with a strong blow of his power claw. Now it was Gruzkul’s turn to attack.

Gruzkul’s shining power claw was a formidable weapon that destroyed everything it touched. It was able to injure the vampire and gave Victor a long-forgotten feeling of pain.

Never before count faced such a powerful opponent.

During the fight, Victor managed to sink his fangs into Gruzkul’s neck, but to no avail. There was no blood. The skin of this creature was as thick as bark.

Gruzkul took advantage of his opponent’s confusion and grabbed the vampire with his right hand and tried to crush him with the power claw.

Viktor Von Stradovich made a heart-rending hissing sound and burst into flames, turning into a cloud of thick fog. At the same moment, all the fog from the forest was drawn to the castle. In this dense sea of fog, Victor managed to escape back into his sarcophagus.

After the vampire was gone, Gruzkul noticed that the fog has also disappeared from the forest. He could now see the night lights of Burhmere in the distance. And that’s where he went.

In the meantime, Victor was recovering in his sarcophagus and plotting revenge. He needed to get back at this obnoxious beast and make it one of his servants.

During his slumber, the world has changed, and none of his former servants were there to help. He needed to wake up his army.

After a good day’s sleep, von Stradovich went around his castle and reanimated his old servants — the foul undead beasts thirsty for blood.

Victor’s servants immediately set off to quench their thirst in the nearest village. The beasts were famished and it’s been a while since they hunted. So they’ve made a lot of noise during their first try.

The noise alerted the city guards and they managed to repel the attack. The beasts were chased back into the forest.

Even though taking down modern Cuties became a challenge, the cover of the night helped the beasts snatch a few unsuspecting Cuties from the night shift at the construction space at the city wall.

After three days of nightly disappearances, the citizens of Burhmere were up in arms. Something needed to be done about this.

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