Why You Should Complete All the Halloween Challenges

Why You Should Complete All the Halloween Challenges
Why You Should Complete All the Halloween Challenges

We hope you are enjoying the spookiness and fun of this year’s Halloween.

As we are preparing to launch the second part of the event, we’re closely watching what’s happening in the field. Especially your progress in the Halloween challenges. 

And some challenges are going great.

Cutieneer Victories

Cuties beat the living daylights out of lesser vampires lurking in the Obscurae Forest. In fact, each vampire faced a Cutie adventurer more than a hundred thousand times. That’s a lot of punches to take in.

All the challenges of the Obscurae Forest were completed in record time.

Burhmere bandits also didn’t have much rest in the past week. Cuties relentlessly raided both Burhmere forest and underground completing all of the challenges.

There is also great news from Windy Hills and Halls of Grumpy King — all challenges are completed.

All of these achievements unlocked the following perks for the second part of the event:

  • Death Knight’s set upgrade: +1 defense
  • Knight of Oblivion set upgrade: +2 attack
  • Knight of Oblivion set upgrade: +5% luck
  • Reduce the chance of Cutie catching Vampirism during adventures by 10%
  • “Prof. Needles’ Bloodsucker Blocker” crafting recipe 
  • Crafting time of “Prof. Needles’ Vamp-b-Gone” potion and “Prof. Needles’ Bloodsucker Blocker” items reduced by 6 hours
  • 20% extra drop rate in Obscurae Forest
  • 50% extra experience in Obscurae Forest
  • 1% discount on Custom Cutie
  • Enchantment of Blade of the Soulless
  • Enchantment of Strange Trinket
  • Blade of the Soulless crafting recipe
  • Oblivion Armor crafting recipe
  • Oblivion Helmet crafting recipe
  • Oblivion Sword crafting recipe
  • Oblivion Trapped Soul crafting recipe
  • Victor Von Stradovich in Special Sale at the end of the event

Now you can craft the weapon from the Death Knight set and enchant it!

The stats of the Death Knight set with the Blade of the Soulless enchanted to +5 are:

  • Attack: 18
  • Defense: 34
  • Luck: 15%
  • Raid Bonus: 10
  • Experience: 27%
  • Drop Chance: 55%

It’s a great victory, but there are still some challenges to complete.

Challenges left to complete

Here are some of the bonuses that you might want to get before the timer runs out:

  • Oblivion Shield crafting recipe — Challenges for Cutie Breeding
  • Knight of Oblivion set upgrades: +2 raid boss, +1 attack, +3% luck, and +3 defense — Challenges for Boss Participation and regular adventures

You might be wondering what would be the final result of completing all the Halloween challenges.

And we are proud to present the epic set of this year’s Halloween.

Knight of Oblivion set

This full plate will turn any Cutie into a dark champion.

In part two of the event, this set will be available for crafting. But it will only be complete if the final breeding challenge is finished.

Don’t miss out on the shield!

The initial stats of the complete set are:

  • Attack: 23
  • Defense: 28
  • Luck: 7%
  • Raid Bonus: 2
  • Drop Chance: 5%
  • Season bonus: 47

But if you complete all the challenges, they will be:

  • Attack: 28
  • Defense: 34
  • Luck: 7%
  • Raid Bonus: 6
  • Drop Chance: 5%
  • Season bonus: 47

The difference is huge, so you probably want to crush some more challenges before the time runs out.

Good luck, Cutieneers! We hope you’ll get them all.

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