Young Cutie Tournaments

Young Cutie Tournaments
Young Cutie Tournaments

After watching the strongest Cuties battling it out on the arena, we turned to the young ones.

We watched and analyzed countless tournaments for Cuties up to level 3. And saw some issues. Many tournament fights end in the first or second round.

One shot. One kill

And that’s not exactly how we planned it to go down.

Just today, we saw Trinity by Capronicus win several tournaments in one or two rounds.

Capronicus did a great job at equipping this Cutie. But damn! Water bears must be so upset at this.

However, powerful unique Cuties are not the problem here. Water bears managed to beat Trinity and other uniques a few times as well.

The problem liest with HP versus damage proportions. Powerful gear makes it almost impossible for a young Cutie to survive an attack. So if a Cutie can’t hold more than one or two blows, it might never even get a chance to strike.

This aspect will need serious rework on our part.

That’s why we’re postponing the launch of high stakes tournaments so that we have some time to make sure that every Cutie has a chance for a great balanced fight.

What to do now?

Meanwhile, while we are working on this system, you can join the young Cutie tournaments with some top-notch gear and play a game of luck and brutality.

Or join the high-level tournaments to engage in a game of strategy.

The choice is yours and either way you’re getting some glory and experience.

Stay tuned for the tournament update, and Halloween sneak peeks!

Good luck, Cutieneers.

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