Youth Elixir Market and Trends

Youth Elixir Market and Trends
Youth Elixir Market and Trends

It’s been a couple of weeks since new elixirs appeared in our Paw Shop.

Those bottles are the most expensive items in the entire Paw Shop.

Do you think they had any success so far?

Let’s find out!

The original Elixir of Youth

Elixir of Youth is still the most common among all of the youth elixirs.

After we announced that this potion will no longer be available for Paw Coins, players invested hard and got a lot of them.

There were so many bought that there are still almost two thousand bottles in the game at the moment.

However, the market supply is short. There are only 42 bottles on sale.

All of them are selling this item cheaper than Paw Shop.

Distilled Elixir of Youth

Distilled Elixirs of Youth are not very popular in the game.

There are about nine in the entire Cutieland.

And more than half are already on the market.

Though the prices are a bit strange because some are sold for more than a Pure Elixir.

Spiked Elixir of Youth

Spiked Elixir of Youth is the least popular.

There are about seven in the game with four for sale on the market.

Their prices are lower than other elixirs and seem like relatively good value.

We can’t wait to see what happens next.

When the supplies of the Pure Elixir run out, Cutieneers will have to figure their way in the new ecosystem.

As 90% of Cutieneers have no more than 10 Pure Elixirs, things will change when they run out. We believe that in about three months or so, we will already see new patterns emerge.

We hope you are ready to seize all opportunities these changes bring.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

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